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LG yesterday announced a new set of fitness-oriented earphones named LG HRM EARPHONE (FR74), which are designed to offer real-time heart monitoring. With this announcement, LG Electronics is making its first move into the fitness tech market. These earphones comes with a small medallion that is strapped on an arm or waistband. It can track both metabolic rate and maximum oxygen consumption while allowing users to listen to music.

The LG Heart Rate Earphones use sensor technology to measure blood flow signals from the auricle of the ear. This captures biometric data such as heart rate and maximal oxygen consumption. The add-on medallion that connects to the earphones serves as a data processing hub that sends real-time biometric information to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Also compatible with third party fittness platforms.

In addition, the Heart Rate Monitor Earphones include an accelerometer that measures a wide range of data, including distance, calories burned, steps taken, and more that syncs to various apps, including the LG Fitness app and third-party platforms such as MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper and MapMyFitness. The earphones also work alongside the recently announced Lifeband Touch activity tracker.

The earphones will ship in the first half of 2014, starting first in the U.S. market before rolling out to other countries and will retail for $179.99.


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