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After a 2010 conflict between Google & Oracle over how Java works in Android, Google is moving on to a new runtime option that aims to redesign how Android interprets application code. For over two years, Google’s developers have been working on ART, a replacement for Dalvik that promises faster and more efficient execution, better battery life, and a more fluid experience.

Sometimes the best fix is the replacement

What is ART

ART stands for Android Runtime. It handles app execution in a fundamentally different way from Dalvik. ART is set to change this process by pre-compiling that appcode into machine language when apps are first installed, turning them into truly native apps. It is expected to cut the startup times immensely and ongoing execution will become faster, as well.

Potential Gains

Early benchmarks suggest that the new runtime is already capable of cutting execution time in half for most applications. This means that long-running, processor-intensive tasks will be able to finish faster. Regular applications will also benefit from smoother animations and more instantaneous responses to touch and other sensor data. Battery life is also expected to improve with better overall efficiency of the system.

The Trade Off

There are few trade offs. Turning to ART will increase the storage space requirement for apps. So Installing applications might take a little longer. Sounds like a worthy exchange.

The improvements are expected to be pretty amazing while the drawbacks should be virtually undetectable. Its good to see Google working at core of Android making it better over time.



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