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Renowned security expert Eugene Kaspersky reveals that the International Space Station was infected by a USB stick carried into space by a Russian astronaut.

According to Kaspersky, The international space station’s computer systems were infected by an unspecified virus this year. The malware spread through a removable device carried by Russian astronauts, and though the extent of the damage hasn’t been specified, it has been revealed that on occasion, the station has suffered “virus epidemics”.

The virus surfaced before May 2013 during a transition by the United Space Alliance over to Linux. Before converting the international space station’s control systems from Windows over to Linux, scientists were used to bring USB drives with them into space, and such was how the malware was transferred.

Reports have shown that in the past, a Russian astronaut brought a laptop that harbored a W32.Gammima.AG worm, something that ended up spreading to other laptops running Windows XP. Now that the ISS has been migrated from the Windows to Linux, the instances of these infections are likely to decrease.


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