Home Technology Google Now is expected to bring exciting new features next week

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According to a report from Wired, Google Now will get a face lift next week on November 13. This update will apparently include the addition of a couple of new features as well. For one, Google Now is about to get a lot more responsive and chatty. That means that the service may talk back to you, asking for confirmation or additional information. For instance, if you asked it to text someone by first name, and multiple matches showed up in your contacts, it would press you to specify which.

We also hear about better integration with other apps on your phone, searching within them and launching them when needed, and a number of improvements to the types of search results you’ll see. That could mean more detailed location-aware cards, including timetables for local attractions.

What are the other features? We don’t know? But the important part is we don’t have to wait long.


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