Home Technology Google launches Helpouts – Connects People With Experts Over Live Video

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Google has announced a new product – Helpouts, a new service that leverages the company’s video offerings to pair users up with doctors, teachers, personal trainers and the like.

Real Help from Real People in Real Time


Image Credit : Google

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s useful information,” Udi Manber, the Google vice president for engineering in charge of Helpouts, said at a press conference Monday in San Francisco. “But if you do search for a long time, you realize most of the world’s useful information still resides in people’s heads.”

Google is pretty good at providing results when people do search. But most of the time people are confused about what to search for. With live video sessions you will better be able to find out what you want. But we already have YouTube for how to videos don’t we? Actually Helpouts is bit different. Here an expert can see what you are doing wrong and can help you with that.

An Extra Source of Income

If Helpouts succeeds, Google hopes it will provide experts with a source of income. Experts charge a fixed rate or charge by the minute. They keep 80 percent and Google takes 20 percent.

To use Helpouts, people must sign in to Google Plus and Google Wallet. It is available online and on Android phones.


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