Home Science Study says that Humans are too Selfish to Avert Climate Change

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A collective risk group experiment, led by a team of researchers led by Jennifer Jacquet from New York University, has found that people are unlikely to take measures against climate change if they know that their rewards will occur far in the future. Basically what is the biggest obstacle in dealing with Climate Change? Its the time. Study says that if the benefits and gains, from accepting climate policies, are short term, people will more likely accept the policies. The global economy is so much dependent upon fossil fuels that a quick transition to renewable sources would likely be costly in the short term.  Restriction to emission of Carbon Dioxide today will take decades before showing its positive effect on our Planet, but it will make a dent in economy today.

Actually the Climate Policy asks the Present to be Sacrificed for Future.

And human beings are not good at this. even when their own future selves stand to benefit. A strict climate policy will be like saving for the future you know that you are not going to see. So people will more likely be part of Strict climate Policy when they get the benefits in short term.


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