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Two engineering students from the University of Florida have put their brains together to come up with a solution to a serious problem: warm beer. They have created a portable device with a basic power drill and chill bit that can spin the container. By spinning the container, convection is introduced to both the inside and outside of the container increasing the rate of heat transfer by a minimum of 20 times faster.


“Since ice water is always 32 degrees Fahrenheit, Spin Chill can only chill a beer to 32 degrees in ice water.  However, ice that hasn’t melted yet is below freezing so Spin Chilling in fresh ice can get a beer colder than 32 degrees and create a beer slushy.  Get your beer as cold as you want!” It said.  Setting a can or bottle in the freezer takes 20-30 minutes to become drinkable. Putting it in ice water take 10-20 minutes. Using The Chill Bit it takes 30-60 seconds.

Its an awesome idea isn’t it? As they said “necessity is the mother of invention.”



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