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At present, Nexus 4 may not have all the gimmicks other flagship phones have – 1080p screen, High resolution camera, smart pen etc, but one thing it is best at is Android Jelly Bean experience. I have been using Nexus 4 since April. It was not launched in India back in November 2012, so I had to import it through a friend from Canada.  In past I have used Xperias, Galaxys and even iPhone. I have never been an iPhone fan and not even now as it will not provide me the extended functionality I always wanted from a phone. I like its simplicity but I think its overpriced. But one thing its good at is the buttery smooth experience.

Before Nexus 4, I had used several Android phones with amazing functionality but it was not the smoothest experience for me. One thing I have found is when you have around 100 apps installed on your phone it starts showing lag. The experience was close to iPhone but somewhat lacking in terms of User experience.

Then comes the Nexus 4. Believe me, it completely changed my mind. I was like “Is it running Android?”. Its the smoothest android experience ever. The hardware and software feels like they are made for each other. Screen is good and same is the camera. And at $349 it was the best deal. Now I have over 90 apps installed on my phone but there are no performance issues. I agree that its hardware feels bit dated as compared to flagships from other companies. But still no other phone is able to provide me the experience I am having with Nexus 4.

And now it is rumored that with Android 4.4 KitKat Google is going to take project butter at new level. Android 4.4 is rumored to support better multiprocessing and will be less resource hungry. So I expect the User experience will only get better with this KitKat treat.

I’m not trying to convince anyone here. I’m just writing down a few thoughts and sharing them with you. You might feel differently, and likely will tell me as much in the comments. That’s OK. You make your choice, and you should be happy with it because that is all that matters. That’s what I’m going to do as well. By the way I am still going for Nexus 5 because

Once a Nexus fan, Always a Nexus fan


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