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Google is known for its pranks, brain teasers and Easter Eggs hidden in its products and services, and it expected that Google might hint the release date of Android 4.4 KitKat and Nexus 5 in the same way. Previously we were expecting that Google will be announcing the highly anticipated Nexus 5 smartphone, as well as the new Android 4.4 KitKat on October 15th, but nothing happened. It turns out to be another false rumor.

android 4.4 KitKat

Yesterday Kit Kat posted a dancing android robot on Google Plus account with the tag “Everybody dance now! #AndroidKITKAT,” which means Google is teasing us with a hint. As per some comments on the status “Everybody Dance Now” by C&C Music Factory was released on October 18th 1990, which means that Android 4.4 will be announced on October 18th. But then we got another teaser.

android kitkat

In second teaser the status message says “Sometimes you have to look for the signs” and the image says “This is it.” “This is It” was a documentary on Michael Jackson which was released on 28th October 2009. So it left us confused between two dates October 18th or October 28th.

According to Wikipedia the C+C Music factory is also known as Clivillés + Cole, The 28th Street Crew, C&C Music Factory. So the 28th street crew hints at October 28th. October 28th is similar to what we are predicting in the second image. Still, we’re also approaching the October 29th anniversary of the launches for both Android 4.2 and the Nexus 4 — so whatever the date is, we are expecting it in last week of October. What do you think?


source: KitKat
via: Engadget
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