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LG G-Flex

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz over flexible displays and curved smartphones. As Samsung was the first to officially announce its curved screen smartphone, all eyes are on LG to see what they are cooking. As per a report from Engadget, the smartphone will be known as LG G-Flex with a 6 inch of curved display.

Lg has already announced bendable and unbreakable displays. So we expect it to be the first such device from LG in smartphones world. However LG’s approach is totally different from Samsung as its curving G-Flex from top to bottom rather than Left to right as in the case of Galaxy Round. It is worth mentioning that both the devices are just curved not flexible. There is no information about pricing and availability yet , and the latest images only confirm LG’s curved smartphone.  Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the launch.



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