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Yes its true. According to Professor Brian Cox – Time Travel is possible in a one way journey to the future but you can’t come back. ‘You can go into the future; you’ve got almost total freedom of movement in the future,’ said Cox. According to him its already been done but at very small scale like in LHC. But the technology to accelerate humans to near light speed does not yet exist. Speaking at the British Science Festival, Cox declared to the audience: ‘Can you build a time machine? The answer is yes.’

Time travel

Professor Brian Cox | Image Credit: Flickr

According to Sir Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Traveling hundreds, or even thousands of years into the future, could be accomplished if someone was traveling at an incredibly fast pace, close to the speed of light. “If you go fast, your clock runs slow relative to people who are still. As you approach the speed of light, your clock runs so slow you could come back 10,000 years in the future,” said Professor Cox.

Another Famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking explains why moving backwards is impossible, Hawking says, because it “violates a fundamental rule that cause comes before effect.”


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