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Nexus Smartwatch concept

According to recent rumors, Google is going to enter the Smartwatch market that has exploded quickly but still have much more to offer.

Basically what exactly is a Smartwatch? Its basically a computerized watch with enhanced functionality beyond just timekeeping to be your personal assistance device. Smartwatch could be to the watch what the smartphone is to the phone, but to make this happen it should be able to do what your smartphones and computers can’t. And what’s that? Adding simplicity to your life. Current crop of Smartwatches includes devices that can connect to your smartphone to show you incoming calls, twitter feeds and can run apps. But they are still not able to generate too much of interest. Reason? They don’t have the single killing feature that can set them apart from smartphones. They are more of a companion devices. “Just mirroring your smartphone’s screen isn’t enough. A Smartwatch needs to add more value, providing the wearer the right information, but also delving into the health and well being potential of a sensor-packed device on your wrist,” said Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight.

So how Google can change that?

If rumors of Google entering Smartwatch arena are true then  no company is better positioned to deliver the first ‘true’ Smartwatch that would blow the competition away. Here’s why:

Google is not just a software company anymore

With the acquisition  of Motorola back  in 2011 Google has plenty of  expertise with the smartwatch. Motorola’s first smartwatch MotoACTV acts as a  MP3 player and a fitness-tracker – a hardware trend that will probably end up in basically the same place as smartwatches.

In August this year it was also revealed that Google had bought WIMM labs back in 2012 – a firm that was focused on building just one product : An Android Smartwatch with standalone apps and its own marketplace.

Search has been redefined with Google Now

Google Now is the one killer feature that can set the Google Smartwatch apart. Google Now could be the making of an Android smartwatch, with access to a wealth of the user’s data, with user’s permission, to make it intelligent enough to learn what’s required and when.

Google isn’t the only company in a position to create this kind of experience, of course. Apple’s Siri digital personal assistant works in much the same way, but it waits to be asked. With Google Now you can see helpful cards with information you need throughout your day, before you even ask including what you need to do, where you need to go, how to get around,.get the inside track on transit, currency, places of interest, and what’s happening. A smartwatch that can learn from its wearer’s routines, only popping a notification when necessary would truly be worthy of the “smart” moniker.

Having that kind of information on your wrist makes a lot of sense, as long as the hardware is capable enough and inexpensive at the same time. We’ll see what happens.


source: TimeTech
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