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In many parts of the world, governments censor the Internet with invincible firewalls, so everyone don’t see the same web that people in other countries can. To deal with this unwanted web censorship, Google wants to give you the free uncensored internet with a tool, called uProxy. It will let you bypass web censorship and defeat firewalls.

Google announced uProxy on Monday at the Google Ideas Summit in New York. The tool is currently in closed stage and internet giant isn’t comfortable announcing a release date. At initial stage it will be launched to limited set of users to make it more secure.

Lucas Dixon, the lead engineer at Google Ideas said-

“The reason it is closed source at the moment, the reason we’re not open sourcing it right now, is exactly that we don’t want people to start using it before, actually, it’s safe and secure”

Developed by The University of Washington and Brave New Software, a project seeded by Google Ideas, uProxy is a peer-to-peer service that allows one to establish an encrypted internet connection with someone they trust. Google, hopes the new technology will outwit government officials around the world who have cracked down on the internet in recent years. With the help of this tool a user in the US would essentially be able to provide an American connection to a friend in Iran, without fear that the link would be revealed.

When it’s ready, uProxy will be released in the form of a Chrome & Firefox extension that will allow two people trust each other, and are already in touch via chat, Facebook or email, for example, to share their connection.

In the meantime we are leaving you with this introduction video from Google Ideas


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