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How do you know if you’re drinking enough water? Experts say there’s an easy way to judge. If you’re not thirsty, your fluid intake is just right. Below are the five common myths about drinking water

MYTH-1 Drink Eight Glasses of water Each Day

According to scientists there is no clear benefit of drinking or sipping water all day long. So where does this myth comes from – We have no idea. Believe it or not, taking in too much water can have serious and even fatal consequences.

MYTH-2 Drinking Other Liquids is the Same as Drinking Water

Other beverages like coffee or soda are not water-equivalents. Actually coffee dehydrates your body. So you need to drink extra amount of water to compensate the after effects of coffee.

Myth 3: Drinking Lots of Water Helps Clear Out Toxins from our Body

Its not true at all. Kidneys filter out the toxins from our body which are then flushed out through the urine. But drinking extra water don’t improve the function of kidneys. Actually it puts more pressure on the kidneys and reduce their ability.

Myth 4: Drinking Lots of Water Makes your Skin Beautiful

Most common anti-ageing tips ig going H2O. Your body is already 60% water. So adding a few glasses will only have a limited effect. Fruits and Greens are equally essential. Just be normal don’t try to gulp excess amount of water.

Myth 4: Drinking Water Between Meals is Bad for Digestion

This has been passed down from generation to generation. However, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that it will affect the digestive process. At the most, it will probably fill you up and reduce your appetite for dinner. But besides that, go ahead and enjoy a glass of water with every meal


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