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It seems like a never ending wait. If there is one question you are trying to find answer of these days, Its about the release date of most anticipated Nexus 5. First it was rumored to be released in mid October but it turns out to be fake. Then people started decoding of teasers by KitKat and predicted October 28 to be the release date. As we are ready for October 28th, now there is another rumor thanks to Mobilesyrup.

According to the Mobilesyrup the Nexus 5 will release in the US at Google Play on October 31 and by November 8 it will arrive on Canadian carriers (Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Koodo and Virgin). These are still the rumored dates as they are not confirmed either by Google or LG.

Let’s hope by next week, we finally get the real deal and this time around Google is ready with the sufficient stock as people are ready to jump on this new flagship.


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